Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Amazing Weekend!

This weekend was awesome! Nathaniel took some PTO on Friday and spent all day with me and William. We played a lot of Call of Duty and went to Denny's for breakfast to see Liz. Nathaniel put our truck up for sale and got a call maybe thirty minutes later from a guy who wanted to buy it! That night i took William to the bowling alley to hang out with some old school friends. He was amazing with all that noise around him and was awesome with interacting with the "strangers". We came home had a surprisingly good night(he slept all night except for when he wanted to eat!). We woke up early Saturday morning and Nathaniel met with the man who wanted to buy the truck(we hope he will have all the money tomorrow) then we headed out of town. On our way to Mesa we had three more calls about the truck!!!! Unfortunately no one could match the 3500 the other guy was paying. Once in Mesa we got lost looking for Chris's(?) apartment. that was an adventure! But we found it finally and he took us to the mall. I was in culture shock!!!!! The mall and a Gucci and Michael Kors! It was crazy! After the mall we went to Red Lobster which the food was good but it killed me paying that much for it! Then we went to Golfland. Now that crazy fun. Chris and I totally suck at miniature golf! William went with us of course and loved the warm night air. That night we drove back so we could be rested for Sunday. We woke up today and spent sometime just hanging out while William slept in. We got ready for church and had an amazing day there. Church gets out at four we hurried home changed clothes I made little smokies and he made a dip(Hormel Chili, Jalapeno Re-fried Beans, and Queso) and we went over to Jenika's and watched the Steelers game! Of course our team won(they scared me for a little bit) and are headed to the Superbowl baby!!! William was so cute supporting our team and staring at the TV. We came home, got William to sleep and had an awesome night!


  1. how flippin cute!! I love hearing about your married life!

  2. Thanks Mads :) I'm glad someone reads this :)