Friday, February 11, 2011

So excited, yet so sad!

We're moving! And I cannot wait. I hate our apartment. When we walk in it smells like smoke and then we'll randomly smell it really really strong throughout the day! All I can think about is William having to inhale this second hand smoke all the time. Thank goodness my wonderful husband put our names on the list for housing from the mine. They have contractors working on a brick three bed one bath house that will be cheaper than this cancer causing hell hole! The only sad thing is leaving my friends and ward! I've become so attached to the people in my ward and my visiting teaching partner that i don't want to leave them at all! Not to mention our bishop is so great to Nathaniel and me. So pretty much I'm ecstatic to leave but depressed at the same time!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finally a new post!

 So its been a while and I decided what better to write about than William? Nothing! He is getting so big and he is cuter every day when I wake up. He is now three months old and I'm guessing thirteen lbs since we have to wear size two diapers. He is sleeping better at night and staying up more during the day and he is crazy ticklish! Anyway he is too adorable and he loves being in the kitchen with me. How cute is that? The little brat is trying so hard to sit up on his own and gets so frustrated that he can't. Then when I do almost sit him up (you know so he can sit up on his own just not from his back) he face plants. It's adorable and I love it! Here are some new pictures of him!